Elearn TNSchools Online Class (elearn.tnschools.gov.in)

Elearn TNSchools is a dedicated online learning platform initiative by Tamil Nadu School Education Department to help students learn lessons from home. Using it, students can learn textbook lessons online from the class 1st to 12th.

Portal nameElearn TNSchools
Launched byTamil Nadu School Education Dept
Medium of studyTamil, English
Textbook lessonsAvailable from Class I to XII
Mode of studyOnline

Benefits of the Elearn TNSchools Portal:

  1. Students from classes 1 to 12th can be able to learn lessons from home themselves.
  2. It helps avoid the learning barrier for students during the pandemic time.
  3. The learning platform can be accessible across all web and mobile devices easily.
  4. All Lessons are available in both Tamil and English languages.
  5. All textbooks are available in video format so it was helpful for students to better understand.
  6. Portal also provides additional lessons for higher secondary classes in the name of Veetupalli.

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How to learn Online at elearn TNSchools

tamil class v maths
  1. Visit: https://elearn.tnschools.gov.in/e-learning/textbook
  2. Then choose your Medium of Study by clicking Tamil Medium or English Medium button on top left corner.
  3. Now choose your class from I to XII.
  4. Finally choose Subject and lesson that you want learn by clicking View button.

For Example above we chosen Class V – Tamil Medium – Maths Subject

Then any of Topic you want to learn in that subject.

For Example, we selected “அமைப்புகள்” after Learning Resource will be opened.

5th std maths video

How to watch 12th Veetupalli Videos on Elearn TNSchools

To view or download, 12th Veetupalli videos on mobile or computer follow the below steps

  1. Visit: https://elearn.tnschools.gov.in/welcome and click on “Click here of Veetupalli” button.
  2. Now you can be able to see the 12th Class Video of all subjects.
  3. Then choose you subject to want to view or download the lesson.

12th Standard Students can be download 297 videos of the 2nd Chapter/Units.

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