TN EMIS Schools Login and Attendance App for Teachers

In this article we will explain how to create account on TN EMIS (Educational Management Information System) and login process, updating staff and students attendance on web and mobile app.

TN EMIS mean by Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System was managed by School Education Department, Government of Tamil Nadu which enables Teachers, Head Masters, and other administrative officers to upload and monitor the students and staff information and attendance at the same time.

Using this class teacher and headmasters needs to fill and monitor the attendance of students and holiday details. This process can be done by two different methods web and app.

TN EMIS Schools Login and Attendance details

TN EMIS Full formTamil Nadu Education Management Information System
Initiative byTN School Education Department
PurposeTo store tamil nadu school students, teachers daily attendance and other information using the mobile app.
PlatformWebsite and Mobile app
TNSED Schools AppTNSED Schools at Google Playstore
TN EMIS Helpline(044) 2567-2790

How to Register a school in EMIS TNSchools Portal:

Each headmaster in Tamil Nadu can be able to register their schools in the TN EMIS Portal. Follow the below steps to add a school within a minute.

  1. Visit and Click “New School Registration” link
  2. First, enter your School name
  3. Then enter School email
  4. Now Enter Office/Office mobile
  5. Finally enter School management and press Submit button

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How to upload IFHRMS Employee ID number on EMIS website?

IFHRMS Employee ID number of all teachers and Headmasters should be uploaded on Emis website using School login using the following method.

  1. Login to
  2. Enter UDISE Code, Username and Password
  3. Click on three lines in Dashboard
  4. Click on staff >> Staff list
  5. Click on the pencil symbol next to the Teacher name in the Staff list.
  6. Teacher full details will appear on the screen.
  7. Keep scrolling and at the end enter IFHRMS Employee ID and update.

How to add IFHRMS Employee ID for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in EMIS?

  1. Login into EMIS your account.
  2. Click Staff menu > Choose Staff list
  3. Click Pencil icon > Under Bank details enter > IFHRMS Employee ID > Click Update Option.

How to use NEW TNSED Schools Mobile App

Step by step process to use the latest version of TNSED Schools Mobile app for all school headmasters across Tamil Nadu.

On the new EMIS App headmasters need to enter their school’s 11-digit DISE number and EMIS Password to login into the account.

Update in Today’s status – On Today’s status option you should be put as fully not working. (Because corona leave for students)

Update Reason – Choose the reason chosen as COVID

Update LO Training information – Then the teacher’s attendance needs to record. If the teachers go for LO training then you have to choose training.

Update School Cleaners and Work time details – Fill in the number of School Cleaners & Work time that should be recorded.

Update School Cleaners and Work time details – Since it is a holiday for students, we have given it as not fully working in Today’s status. Therefore no class teacher can record student attendance.

Other details needs to be followed by Headmasters and Teachers

Teachers’ attendance should be recorded by the headmasters as teachers attend school/training daily, even if given as not fully working in today’s status.

At the end of the corona period, when students come to school, in Today’s status, it should be registered by the headmasters as a Full working day.

Class teachers are required to register their student attendance using their 8-digit username and password.

If any teachers have taken leave, the Headmasters must go through the School Login and register the attendance of the class students for the teacher who has taken leave.


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