How to Find TNPSC Register Number When you Forget or Lost [Best Solutions]

Nowadays many of TNPSC Aspirants Forgotten their Register Number and also they missed Hall Ticket too. So in this post, we will clearly explain what are all the steps you need to take down to recover your forgotten Register number. There 3 different ways you may try to get that quickly with below steps,

Steps to find forgotten TNPSC Register Number

  1. Check with a registered email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc..)
  2. Find on your mobile inbox messages (search “Application Number”)
  3. Contact TNPSC Technical Support through email.

So lets we explain each step in details, below

  1. Check with a registered email Address:
    While applying for exam TNPSC will send a confirmation Email along with Application Number for application confirmation purpose. So go to your inbox and Search for TNPSC “Application” in the search bar and you find your latest email like this.


Once you find the application number you want to send an email to TNPSC Technical Helpline along with your Application Number please find the Sample Email Format below. (Step 3)

  1. Find on your mobile inbox messages
    This method is the same for previous email While registering news post they also send confirmation SMS on your registered Mobile number so please do check your Mobile SMS Inbox and find that messages for your respective examination. Once find message do (Step 3)
  2. Contact TNPSC Technical Support through email.
    Once you Find your Application Number using the above steps the final step was sending the Outreach Support Email to official TNPSC Support Team. I tried this step and will get an immediate response from TNPSC Support Team.

Sample Email Format:
Email Subject: Regarding TNPSC Register number (Application No: 123456789)

Sir, I am [your Name] I lost my Register Number due to some reasons so please send my register using my Application Number and Date of Birth.

My Application No: [your application no] Date of Birth: [ your DOB ] With regards, [Your Name]
Email to: (or)

You may use this method to all TNPSC Exam (Include Group I,II, IV, VAO and Other exams)

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