Tamil Months Names (தமிழ் மாதங்கள்)

The Tamil calendar, also known as the Tamil Panchangam, is a traditional calendar system used in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and by Tamil-speaking communities around the world. The Tamil calendar is based on the solar and lunar calendars and consists of 12 months.

Here are the names of the Tamil months along with their corresponding Gregorian months:

Tamil MonthsIn EnglishEnglish month duration
சித்திரைChithiraiApril to May
வைகாசிVaikasiMay to June
ஆனிAaniJune to July
ஆடிAadiJuly to August
ஆவணிAavaniAugust to September
புரட்டாசிPurattasiSeptember to October
ஐப்பசிAippasiOctober to November
கார்த்திகைKarthigaiNovember to December
மார்கழிMargazhiDecember to January
தைTaiJanuary to February
மாசிMaasiFebruary to March
பங்குனிPanguniMarch to April

Tamil months play a significant role in determining the timing of religious and cultural events, agricultural activities, and festivals in the Tamil-speaking communities. The transition of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another is also marked by the beginning of each Tamil month.

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